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cheesecake instagram banner

This fun cheesecake Instagram banner template SET looks Bannerlicious! Everyone loves their sweets and their pastries and their cake and cupcakes and this yellow tasty looking Adobe Photoshop template is something that will draw everyone’s eyes to your or your clients new cheesecake Instagram banner ad.

Note: You'll need Adobe Photoshop or a similar graphic editing software to edit these, or you could customize this banner by visiting the Customize banner options here

The cheesecake slices Floating in front of a yellow and almost pink background look great. This looks good enough to eat. Just like the rest of the psd cheesecake Instagram banner templates in this set.

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“Cheesecake Instagram banner Template”

Instagram cake banner Set

This banner set has 9 different Photoshop banner template designs. With that many different designs in this template set you are sure to be able to find the one that will work well for the idea you are currently searching for. There are banners for cupcakes, pie banner, cake banner, cheesecake banner, special menu banner, kids birthday Instagram banner, a lady having her cake AND eating it too and a banner for breakfast dessert. All are super delicious looking and super clickable.

Now, although the designs in this cheesecake Instagram banner template design set are labeled “cheesecake” it’s a .psd file so resizing into any number of standard or custom banner ad size needs should not be an issue at all. Be creative and have fun with it. These designs are beautiful, professional and eye-catching and can be turned into any size you should need.

Very easy To Edit
Layers are well organized

Two different font styles were used. One that was used is called bukhari Script. This is for the main large text you see on each banner. The other font that was used in this free cheesecake Instagram banner template set is called Montserrat and this is used for the smaller text in each banner design. These free font download Links are all contained in the readme file but I’ve also included them below.

Bukhari Script

Did you know, Bannerlicious.com finds every possible free banner ad template on the web, even ones like this obscure banner template so you can come here and find exactly what you started out searching for and if I can’t find it, I make it and post it here for everyone to use and enjoy.

I really hope that you enjoyed this free cheesecake Instagram banner template set. This is an effective cheesecake Instagram banner/background/story/post or whatever you wanna call it template and is eye catching, simple and easy to read. More will be on the way so it might be a good idea to definitely join the email list!

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