1 free Depression banner psd Template

Depression banner psd

This Depression banner psd template is a nice and professional looking Adobe Photoshop template that is something that will draw everyone’s eyes to your or your clients new Depression banner.

Note: You'll need Adobe Photoshop or a similar graphic editing software to edit these, or you could customize this banner by visiting the Customize banner options here

This 468×60 banner template is designed for a mental health counseling, Behavioral health or Online counseling via text, audio, or video messaging service to use in their advertising efforts to find people suffering from Depression. It’s an easy to edit Photoshop psd file so visit the link above if you would like to learn more about Photoshop. But anyway. This should speed up your design process.

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“Depression banner psd Template”

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This depression banner psd is done in a clean grey design with a photo of woman deep in thought, obviously suffering from Depression and needing help. The fonts used are included in the download.

Now, although the designs in this depression banner psd template design is labeled “depression” it’s a .psd file so resizing into any number of standard or custom banner ad size needs should not be an issue at all. Be creative and have fun with this 468×60 depression banner psd.

Very easy To Edit
Layers are well organized

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