4 – Superb 468×60 banner template

Four 468x60 banner ad template set in Blue, pink, aqua and orange.

These 4 Superb 468×60 banner template are exactly what you need to complete that next or this current banner design project. Very nice design with this package of 4 468×60 banners. From the attractive colors in blue, red, light blue and orange.

“468×60 banner template”

This nice banner ad design consist of a cool background overlay and a nice badge with a drop shadow. I think I may have maybe made that drop shadow on the badge a bit lighter, but its up to you these are your free 468×60 banner template to download 100% FREE so you can do what you think is best for your banner design project.

This banner ad template package not only comes with these 4 468×60 banner templates but also comes with a total of 19 high quality, FREE templates for you to edit and change the way you want.

With the way the world is and life being so time consuming, its not everyday that we have the time to sit down and start from scratch. Many times when hired for a project or if you have a personal project that needs to happen fast and you don’t have time to dedicate to designing from a blank canvas you need some extra help.

Thats where Bannerlicious.com comes it. You can save time and find that perfect banner ad template or maybe even a design element within the banner that you need quickly and the best part is every download on Bannerlicious.com is 100% FREE to download.

From small banner templates to large twitter, Facebook and Instagram social media banner templates. If its a free web banner ad template you’ll find it here.


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