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Posting a template here on helps establish Authority. The more popular places you have your link and name the better. Even just the mention of your site name in text helps. It’s great for Back-links the more templates you have listed the more links you will have pointing to your website, as well as more chances to show up in Bannerlicious search, category, and tag results as well as having your submission found by third party search engine results. Advertising here diverts High-Quality Traffic of users who’s interests include things like web design, banner design, banner advertising and everything that surrounds those things to Your Website.

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  • Must be unique and your own design work
  • All layer text and shapes must be editable
  • All groups and layers must be clearly and easily labelled (make it look nice, this is a reflection on you)

After you submit your post, It will be review it and I’ll let you know if any changes need to be made and post it on the site.

This is a great way to get attention to your product, service or graphic design related website simply by creating a UNIQUE banner ad template and submitting the post to be included on for BL visitors to find .


  • Permanent post (per rules)
  • dofollow link
  • 2 edits after submission approval.
  • 8 images, with linksâś” & alt text.
  • Unlimited words

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  • Post link Expire after 3 months.
  • Not guaranteed to be published anytime soon.
  • Nofollow link
  • 1 image.
  • 2500 word max
  • No edits after submission approval.

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General rules:

The post, corresponding URL, page and download must match the theme of, “FREE BANNER ADS and banner design elements.” This is not the site to submit a post about your custom knitted cat sweaters blog or premium ONLY templates, if you only sell premium templates, and this post is to promote your site,  this post must lead to and stay pointing to your free template download page. The URL must point directly to the download/presentation page for the free banner template post.

  • The URL MUST remain pointing to the same content page that you submitted the post with, for example. Do not submit a post with a url that leads to a free banner template download page and then a few days later change it to some off-topic site that has nothing to do with free banner ad templates and no that does not mean you can change the url to a template design affiliate program either. This is a resource for free banners and design elements…Free. I will remove posts that abuse this policy.

  • The banner design or template set must be fully layered, come in a popular file format(s) such as psd, ai, and others.
  • The download you are advertising must be clean and free of malware, software and any other crap that isn’t a file for a popular graphic editing software. 
  • The post must be of a SINGLE product like “one single 468×60 banner template” or “Set of 10 fashion banner ad design templates” or ” ” Ultimate collection of icons” Not a post about your website, or service. A post about a single specific free banner ad design template download is what you need to submit.

  • The post will remain active for the life of, however, I reserve the right to remove any post that I find violates these rules or any post that I find that the link has gone dead and any attempts to contact you have failed.

  • You are the one who will be making the post, I reserve the right to edit or modify the text, images, title etc. to better fit Bannerlicious and provide the best possible content to attract the most search traffic for your post as possible.

  • Please stick to the image upload suggested image size. You may upload up to eight images (paid listing only) one will become the featured image that shows up as the image you see on the front page and in search and tag results,. The other images will be used for your posts content image.

  • Your content must be a min. of 350 words and no more than 2500 for free submission, unlimited for paid inclusion.

  • You must include a valid link as well as a valid email address.

Permanent placement fee $15 (per post)

You do need two images uploaded but you can upload up to 8. One image for the post and one image for the feature as well as the above stated rules. Pay Now (Paypal) Note, the cost of submitting a permanent template post will go up as the popularity of the website grows so lock in your post now to take advantage of the currently low cost to submit a post right now.

After payment you’ll be brought directly back to to submit your post content and images. *Please have your paypal transaction ID handy as it is required to submit your post form.

The review process can be a day to a week. It all depends on how much there is to do in any given day but should be pretty quick. Feel free to contact me any time. If for whatever reason your submission is not approved, and it can’t be worked out, which I find impossible, a refund of half of the review fee will be given.